Jun 7, 2007

Oracle Application Server Control 10g page not found

After installed Oracle application server 10g, ascontrol and applications were working properly. However after sysadmin rebooted the server, ascontrol got 404 error "The page cannot be found" .http://yourhost:7777/em/ Application got the error:

Fatal error
Webapplication did not initialize properly during startup - please try again later

1. in the file default-web-site.xml under OracleAS home ~/j2ee/home/config/
ohs-routing default is false, change it to true.

2. in the file server.xml under OracleAS home ~/j2ee/home/config/
change start attribute for application ascontrol to true. Default is false.

3. restart the servers

$ opmnctl status
$ opmnctl stopall
$ opmnctl startall
$ opmnctl status